Light Christ! Not just the Trees! 🌲 🌲 πŸŒ²



So it’s Christmas and everyone is singing “joy to the world”, but is this what our true emotions are?

Everyone is talking about the best part of the year, leaving out the drama that occurred.

We are all cooking, shopping, and wrapping, but underneath these activities is a world of crashing health, finances or even marriages.

Show love….


Christmas is not just about lighting up trees, but also a time to light up our loved ones with the knowledge and treasure of our Lord. According to scriptures Matthew 1:23 “…..and they will call him “immanuel” which means “God with us”.

We have to let them know that despite the hardship going on, God is with us. God is with us in our pains, hurt, Β even down moments. And for us to show others that God is with us, we have to show God in us.

How do we do that?


Light Jesus! Share about Christ! Let them know about their rights in him!

How do we Light Jesus?

1. Today! Make the purpose of Christmas higher than just the opening of gifts.

2. Today! Β Share Jesus, and not just chicken.

3. Today! Meet someone’s need.

4. Today! Seek God’s face for direction

5. Today! Serve and honor others above Yourself!

6. Today! Share the Christmas story.

7. Today! Share LOVE like no other.

When you do these…you Light Jesus!
Happy Lighting! and a Merry Christmas!



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