Humility and Leadership – Pastor Sam Adeyemi


“It is not good to eat much honey: so for men to search their own glory is not glory”  Proverbs 25 : 27

Humility and Leadership, the question really is… can the two go together ?

Some people think that you need some measure of arrogance before you can rise into Leadership. The reality is that many have failed, and they attribute their failure to different things, but do not realise that the major reason is Pride!

Because of the weakness of the human nature, many people find it difficult to be lifted up without being Puffed up…

A perfect example of someone who could not manage power is Satan. Created an arch angel, absolutely beautiful, top position in heaven, yet could not manage that power.

A perfect example of someone who knows how to manage power… I present to you JESUS! Hence, if you want to attain good leadership, be a good follower of Jesus!

Jesus Christ demonstrated the fact that we are meant to use Power to Serve others.

There’s something about Leadership that makes people think that their being leaders, means that they are more special than the people their leading. Once you get this equation wrong, you are threading on a dangerous path. No human being on earth is intrinsically more important than another one.

The leader in God’s eyes does not intrinsically have more value than the follower. It is the impact of the action of the leader that is greater than that of the follower. But in terms of value, they are EQUAL!

In God’s economy we use Power for Service through Humility.



” As you make yourself ready, submit to God in the spirit of humility, depend on promotion and promise God you will use power to serve Him and humanity, whatever position heaven prepared for you… We declare it vacant in the spirit! ”

“It doesn’t matter where they hid you, you will rise out of obscurity”

“I declare your season of vindication has arrived”



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