Priestly Ministry – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Joshua 3:1-14

Now at that time, Moses had died and Joshua had become the new leader and this was the beginning of his ministry.

They had the Jordan ahead of them, and this was gonna be a great test for them. You know they got there with Moses, they had gone through the red sea. And the way the red sea split wide open was by Moses stretching his hand over the sea, and with the rod of God in his hand. He performed miracles with the rod of God.

Now,  that rod became the rod of God when he put it before the Lord and the presence of the Lord came upon it. Before then, it was his own rod, his shepherd rod.

That’s what happens when  you give yourself to the Lord, you cease to become you, you become His.

When the feets of the priests that God used to carry the ark come into the water,  the waters would split up and stand as a heep,  just as it did at the red sea, and they would pass on dry ground. Remarkable!

In the time of Moses, he had to use the rod for the miraculous. In Joshua’s days, it was not the rod, it was the ark with the priests (significantly) bearing it. He was careful to tell us that the priests had to carry it. And the priests would be at the front with the ark of God while the people are behind.

We have a Priestly Ministry that is very important, and we need to understand how it works.

Joshua 3:7   “….Today I will begin to magnify you before Israel..” he gave the instruction, He set the Priestly Ministry at the front, ahead, Off the People Ministry.

The priests were carrying the Presence of God. What’s this ark? The ark is like a chest, it’s a chest.           Have you ever wondered… what’s in this ark?

Let’s go to 1 Kings 8:9 , I want you to observe the significance of this thing. It says “….There was nothing in the ark except the two tables of stone (that’s the Law).

So the Word of God was what it represented. The word of God was what was in that chest. That was the Presence of God. The Priests carried the Presence of God. The presence of God was in the ark. 

Now it tells us a beautiful thing, that these priests carrying the presence of God stepped into the Jordan  and the waters split.

Listen, Kings make Decrees. They speak words of power.But what do Priests do? Priests carry the Presence of God!  Did you know that the first time God filled people with the Holy Spirit was when He asked them to make garments for the priest. (Exodus 28:1-3) That’s the first time the bible records that. They were filled with the Holy spirit to make garments for Aaron the priest  the high priest. It needed the anointing of God for them to be able to make the kind of garments that God wanted the high priests to put on. And that means a lot!

The importance of the office of the priest. Hallelujah!

Many times we want to reign as kings like the bible says we should in Romans 5:17. But we forget that in the journey of life God wants our priestly ministry to be ahead of our kingly function. The presence of God is what you find manifested in the office of the priest.

Did you notice they didn’t have to say anything when they got to the river Jordan?  All they did was step into the water, and the waters parted. that’s all they did, and there was a miracle.

There are things that would happen in your life if you are functioning in your office as a priest. There are things that would happen in your life, you wouldn’t even have to say anything, because you carry that Divine presence of God. This is something for every christian. That’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the Priestly Ministry of a Christian.

Each one of us is called to be a priest unto God. And your first responsibility is bearing the presence of God. Where’s the ark of God today? In the old testament they carried it over their shoulders. In the new testament, it’s in your Heart. Because there’s where the word of God is today. The word of God is written in your heart. It’s no longer on the tablets of stone that Moses had, it’s now in your heart. The presence of God is no longer in the ark, it’s now in your heart, in your spirit. So you must function in your office as a priest.

 If you do that, you’ll be amazed that all the commanding you have to do will not even be necessary. Kings don’t talk all the time. The Bible says the king uses his eyes to scare away evil. Proverbs 20:8 .

But, you see there’s so much struggling amongst many Christians because they don’t understand the Priestly Ministry that they’re supposed to function in.

Listen, if God really sent Jesus to help us, why should we go from one area of labour to another. Jesus said “take my burden upon you, my yoke is easy, my burden is light, you who have laboured and are heavy ladened, he says, come and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28)

Some people are in the labour of praying for a breakthrough. This suffering when would it stop? Lol. I call it suffering, suffering to get God to do something in your life.

Logically, it doesn’t even make sense for Jesus to die, and go through all he went through, and then for me to get God to do something for me, I have to still labour and labour…No! What did Jesus mean when he said “before you pray, your father knows your heart” (Matthew 6:8) What did he mean?

Before ever you ask, he knows. So what’s the purpose of prayer? That means that the purpose of prayer is not just to collect, collect and collect. It means there’s a higher reason for prayer, than “do it for me Lord” LOL

Say this with me….

I was born to have a great life!

God has the right people to help me everywhere at the right time and at the right place, and he will guide me to them or guide them to me!


If this is the way you understand the word of God, then this is how its gonna work for you.


Your priestly ministry is very important as a believer. That priestly ministry is your office in which your meditation on the word of God is so vital and your spiritual praying,  your worship. Thanking him, honoring him, mentioning those things your thanking and honoring him for. By the time you talk like that, you are inspired in your spirit. Your prayers are full of thanksgiving. Celebrating the name of Jesus.

The higher level of all these is actually when you begin by praying in other tongues. If you listen to the word of God regularly, often enough, the words of the spirit would be deposited in your spirit. 1 Chorinthiand 14:14

Your priestly ministry is the key. Every Child of God, when we are born again has been given at least one gift of the spirit. But it won’t come into operation until you learn to function by the Holyghost, until your priestly ministry takes off,  because there’s where the glory of God is.

Make your home a place of worship and see God manifest!

The ark of God was carried on their shoulders in the old testament, but in the new testament, the ark of God is carried in our hearts (so we are priests)

2 Chronicles 5:10-14

As they praised and worshipped and thanked God, the Shekinah Glory of God filled the house that the priests were not able to stand to minister. The house was filled with the presence of God. hmmmm!

What brought it? As they in unison praised the Lord which was led by the Priests and the Levites. That’s what brings the glory of God into your life, into manifestation.  When you learn the ministry of priesthood, learn to worship on your own, not waiting to come to church.

They were in the old, in the new, where is the house that would be filled?  It’s right here! In us! The glory in you is greater than the glory that was in the temple of Solomon.  If you carry that glory! You get so full of it that everywhere you go…you carry that air with you. It’s an aunction,  it’s the anointing.

Every Child of God has the anointing of the Holy Spirit. But that anointing has to be stirred up, has to come up alive, it has to function. That’s why Paul said…”…stir up the gift of God that’s in you…” (2 Timothy 1:6) How do you stir it up? Again by speaking in tongues, praying in the Holy ghost,  worshipping God, and making glorious confessions to his name. Hebrews 13:15 You celebrate the name of Jesus, in praise and thanksgiving. When you do that, you’ll be so stirred witht he anointing of the Holyghost, and then you can say anything, it will come to pass!

You function as a Priest and then you can speak words as a King and they will come to pass, and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Worship Him and thank Him! Hallelujah!

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