Coy Movement presents…

Love And Laughter



A hilarious Gospel Event of the Century (Oh yes I said that!)

Wait for it…..

Coyman has brought his God-given crazy self to storm the place through Comedy.

It doesn’t stop there, there would be


OK so this is getting interesting… what a combo!

Our generation is taking the gospel to the ends of the earth using a very unique approach- Comedy.

You wouldn’t want to miss an Event that is packed with all the exciting features:

  • Muyiwa (voz)
  • Beget Music
  • SOD Dance Crew
  • Senu Sax
  • Dan Sax
  • LSBC Choir
  • Victorious Voices

and many more…

Ahah! We have reached the bottom of this page.

Do you want more? Ok Ok, just chill…

The anchors of this special event are

Funky P and Khally P 


When mad people like these  are the front liners of your event, you can tell the result.

Can I stop here? Ok bye…. that’s all.


No way I can end this without mentioning the Guest Appearance of this almighty event… our very own Comedy Guru… he he he



Yes! I said it! Oh boy! Some kind of event though.

This event is taking place on…..

12th of February, 2017

@ Estate Baptist Church (6, Aregbesola street, off Igbo-Elerin Road Iba, Ojo Lagos)


You don’t wanna be told, you wanna be there!





Coyman (Gashugi Comedian)


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