True Leadership!


Many times people think leadership is just when you assume a position, but it’s more than that.

Everyone is a leader, whoever he/she is or wherever (position) he/she is.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is simply the act of leading certain group of people to achieve a desired or targeted goal.

Who is a Leader?

A leader is the channel whereby the above is actualised.
So we all have to see ourselves as leaders.

What are the Qualities of a Leader?

A leader must know that people are actually looking up to him or her.

Must lead or live an examplary life.

Must maintain integrity at all times

Must Never show favouritism.

Must Treat everyone as equal.

Must bring and always give a fair judgement in all situations.

Must Ask God for wisdom to lead continually.

How does a Leader think?

Even when I am not occupying a certain position, I should understand that am a leader by nature.

I possess in me certain attributes to impart in people.

What am I saying? A leader is someone who has the ability to inspire and impact people’s lives
So I can also lead from the background by showcasing those attributes,directing others and teaching them how to achieve our goal as a team
I can also support the leaders who occupy the positions ,and also contribute in one way or the other.

What are the principles of Leadership?

The principles of leadership cuts across many things.
First off, a leader has to equip himself with the right attitude, If I don’t have the right attitude,those principles becomes totally void.

Also he has to lay his foundation properly.
Foundation matters alot. If not properly laid, it will shake and fall apart.

Learn from good leaders as well , you don’t have to act like you know it all.
True leadership entails continual tutorship and learning. You don’t ever graduate.

SOURCE: Miss Chidinma


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