Power of Worship

Many Christians see worship as the slow beautiful songs sang in church. Well, if that’s your opinion about worship, it’s wrong (it’s just one of the acts of worship that we all focus on)

According to the Dictionary Worship is “Reverence to a deity” but my definition of Worship is “Total Surrender”

I like to call it “Total Surrender” because it involves the whole of me (Spirit, Soul and Body) they must all work together to produce the “Total Surrender” (worship)



Who do we Worship?

We all have someone or something we worship as individuals (no specified religion here)
Let’s look at the meaning of worship again… Total Surrender and Reverence to a deity (god).
Many of us give more time to Objects and People. Anything or anyone you give extra time (value) to is a deity (god).
According to the scripture Philipians 3:19 “whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly….” This means that these people Paul was referring to were lovers of food or money, they cared about their stomach more than anything so they gave it time, and it became their god.

Note: this verse can be explained and understood from different angles, I’m only using this angle to lay my point…

We all know TIME equals VALUE , and value is WORTH, anything or anyone who has worth is WORTHY! That explains it right?

The more you give time, energy, your thought process, sacrifice, attention etc to a being or a thing, it becomes a god you worship.
A lot of us can go extra mile to get the latest cars, Phones, etc (that’s sacrifice) with a mindset of whatever it takes I’m down for it, even if it costs my job, families, life etc.
The object they are craving for is their “god”, while their craving is “Worship”
Don’t get me wrong, someone might say “oh so because I just like this thing, I shouldn’t go for it so I don’t worship it” it’s okay to have likes, things that drives us, or people we care about passionately, but when it becomes a do or die, it has transfigured from what you call “just” to what I call “extreme”



How about we target our Cravings to GOD?

If only we could make God a “do or die” affair, then that’s worship, telling ourselves “I’d rather die that not serve Him”
Worship is many things and more…
If only our lustful desires could be redirected at God and His righteousness, then that’s worship.
Making God our priority, Giving Him our Time, our Energy, our Resources, Pouring out our Love on Him, Making Him the center of our lives, I like to use the word becoming an Addict – A God Addict. This is Worship and more….

I hope that explains worship? 😊



True Worship

In the light of all being said, I hope we all understand that worship is more than just singing, but more of a lifestyle of sacrifices.
According to John 4:23 “A time will come, and that time has come, when true worshippers shall worship the FATHER in Spirit and in Truth – The Father seeketh such to worship Him”

At this time Jesus was talking to the woman by the well, if we read further or a little behind, we will see that Jesus made mention of the fact that we would no longer have to go to the mountain to worship the Father. Relating that to this present time, we don’t have to wait until we go to church (to be led by the choir) before we worship God.

Our Father seeks those who would worship Him in Spirit (i.e being led by the spirit) the bible says “they that are led by the spirit are the sons of God” if you’re not led by the spirit it’s being fleshy (the mind) and the bible says “anything contrary to God’s word is in enimity with God” we can only please Him by worshipping according to His spirit.

There’s a lot of twist to this, but maybe some other time, we’ll dig deeper into them……

God is spirit and if you must worship Him, you must worship in spirit. Allowing His spirit guide us, the bible says that “The Holy spirit knows the mind of the Father, since he knows the mind of God, he’ll guide us to worship him according to His will (mind)
You find out that when we worship, the Holy spirit gives us songs, most times even puts a new song in our hearts (spirit)
Exactly my point! According to the Father’s will for that moment….(another topic of its own) 😁

The Father also seeks those who would worship Him in Truth (in accordance with His Word) The Bible says that “God exalts His Word above His name” isn’t that amazing? So if He so highly exalts His Word, then it’s important we add this as a vital factor when spending time to worship Him…..

Placing the two together, to worship God rightly, we need to be in sync with The Holyghost and His Word.



Now that I know these…how can I worship Him?

There are so many ways to do these. I’ll use myself to illustrate here…whenever I want to spend time to worship God.
Note! I don’t just sing! I begin most times by speaking in other tongues (most times when you’re led by the spirit, that’s the language you speak, most times you have to speak to activate what you have inside) (this is another topic)
You cannot fully say this is the particular way to begin because it’s according as each of us are led… but basically we begin by celebrating the name of Jesus, exalting his name, talking about all the good things he has done, bringing God to remembrance of all he’s been doing, using the scriptures to affirm the testimonies, thanking Him….etc
When you’re in love with someone, you reign praises on his head….so also is the case in this.

I really don’t need to go into details on how you should praise or worship someone you love….We should know for ourselves how to go to our Father (just like David, an amazing personality)
We should never feel guilty whenever we worship. It’s just a tool the devil uses against us. Even if we have wronged our Father (this is the more reason He really wants us to see Him as our Father) He wants us to act as “children” to always run into His “ever ready to receive us” arms….

After all the praises and all, if the Holy spirit gives us a song, we begin to sing according to what we’ve received (this is the aspect of worship we’re talking about here)



Power of Worship

When we begin to worship the Father, it opens up the windows of heaven upon us. It draws God’s attention. It causes things to work for us easily. The Bible says “draw near to me, and I’ll draw near to you” as easy as that. Worship brings us closer to our Father. It also helps and sharpens our spiritual senses, because from time to time, we are being led by the spirit on a daily basis, and not just during the time of worship….but guess what? This only happens when you take your time of worship and transform it into a Lifestyle of Worship….

So many things the Holy spirit does when we make worship our lifestyle, another time I’ll share on my testimonies personally (how worship transformed my relationship with the Holy spirit)

Ok, I know someone is wondering, I’ve understood this but how does this come in our finances, our jobs, etc it’s simple….The Bible says that “….God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” I like to put that part and rephrase this way “God is a rewarder of those who seek his face (Worship)”
We all know what rewards are…It comes in a package (finances, relationship, health etc) Worship brings us close to God and brings God close to us….

So seek Him today, in anything and for anything, cause it’s also an act of Worship…..

I hope I was able to butcher this by the help of The Holy spirit….I believe that someone has been blessed….and I’m grateful to God for this opportunity to share….God bless you!

I may now entertain your questions and contributions. 😊


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