2017 Collection- Írìn By Divine


Something’s cooking!!!

From the 22nd (Sunday) through till the 28th (Saturday) January 2017 there’ll be a grand revealing of

ÍRÌN by DIVINE’s 2017 Collection

That’s not all 😲 on Friday 27th (in this same fashion week) there’ll be a visitation to an orphanage 👶 👶 isn’t this heart ❤️ reaching???



Heritage Homes
45, Faramobi Ajike Street, Anthony Village. Lagos.


“It’s my birthday week that’s why I decided to do something special” – Chioma (Írìn by Divine)




Írìn by Divine was birthed out of a passion to dress women modestly. To let people know that you can be modest and still look classy, stylish and beautiful. 💁

Ready to wear clothing…. With high quality fabric, all clothing proudly made in Nigeria.

Also infused Ankara into corporate dresses….. So now, people can wear Africa proudly in their posh offices.


“I was tired of people thinking that it’s only when a lady shows off her skin that she’s fashionable” – Chioma (Írìn by Divine)

Check out her gallery

These are a few of 2016 Collection. 2017 Collection coming soon…..


Írìn by Divine… “A different kind of beautiful”



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