Travis Greene and Chrisette Michele perform “Intentional” at Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ball

What a way to kick off an evenig full of fun! Donald Trump’s inaugural ball stared on a high note, literally, when Chrisette Michele and Travis Greene took the stage to welcome the new president to his celebratory party. We have all the details, right here!

Get jiggy with it! Donald Trump, 70, may have had a very difficult time finding acts for his inauguration concert, but he hit the jackpot for talent at his inaugural ball on Jan. 20. The new 45th president of the United States was welcomed to his first glitzy party of the evening by the impressive vocals of Travis Greene, 33, and Chrisette Michele, 34.

Travis, who is a pastor and gospel musician. He sang his inspirational song “Intentional,” with the help of Chrisette, and the crowd was definitely getting into it when he and his choir started dancing and waving their hands. He kind of reminded us of Chance The Rapper! The singer looked edgy and cool in a tight-fitting black suit with a skinny tie, and totally got us in the mood to party.

Both of these performers faced backlash for agreeing to perform for Donald’s inauguration, but they decided to push through anyway and support the new president. While their reasons may have shocked us, the performances certainly were impressive and we’ll be keeping an eye on these two talented performers.


Do you think that Chrisette and Travis did a good job at Donald’s inaugural ball? Let us know!


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