The “Pizza-Ring” Tale of Fola-Yomi


Fola-Yomi’s Introduction

In the arms of her beloved would she rest like the roses in the garden and blossom like the morning flowers.

The Fola-Yomi tale is a very beautiful one that meets the heart. One could easily desire falling in love ❤️ (talking about myself) Ha! The story has been summarised and presented in form of an Interview held by Marcaulay (Interviewer and Presenter @BappyzVibe)

So Let’s dive in with Folake (bride to be) as she narrates this love tale…(getting my pop corn ready)

If you’re like me then you should be having an “awwww moment”. Interesting how lovers meet these days. They met on a plane (I’ld love an experience like that – maybe on a ship like Titanic) 😁😀😃

Here’s what Fola (bride to be) said that I love “..we were at a Restaurant where he proposed to me, THE RING WAS IN MY PIZZA🍕

Lol, did we notice that part? Oh boy I did! And that’s an interesting way to propose. He probably knows she loves pizza.

🤔 What do I like? Hmmmm! It’s hard to say, I love food in general, so I’m guessing mine would be during a “Food Competition” (I’ll definitely win) 😁

Congratulations to this new couple as they’ve held their Traditional/Introduction recently which turned out beautifully.

BappyzVibe is wishing you a life of fulfilment as you both function together according to God’s will.

Fola-Yomi (Introduction)

Further Info: Further information concerning the Wedding date and venue would be posted in a while. Please stay glued to BappyzVibe.


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