MineTeenMinistry presents…

Purple Rose


                  …True Love Lives ❤️ 


MineTeenMinistry is always on the go with their ever readiness to change lives (Teens and Young Adults).

They’ve been on the theme of “Love” ❤️ for quite some time. And that’s because it’s the only language they know, and this is what they’ve been expressing to us through their events, and this one is not an exception.

MineTeenMinistry took to Instagram with lovely pictures in anticipation for the upcoming event earlier today with this quote below:

In search of love, man finds himself dining with the devil using a short spoon.
In search of love, man looses himself, opens up to the so – called wickedness in high places.
In search of love, man runs helter skelter, seeking direction, lost in thick enigmatic confusion.
If only man knew that love is an ideal that beats the understanding of the wisest man.
If only man knew that love is the glue that binds and keeps together.
If only man could understand the depths of emotions that love encompasses.
At this stage, man realises that love is a whole lot bigger than a four letter word.
…True Love Lives ❤️


🏡  Innercourt Christ Assembly. No 22, Georgius Cole Estate, Estate B/Stop, College Road,  Ogba Lagos.

⏱ (Door Opens) 11am (Main Event) 12pm.

📆 11th February, 2017 (Saturday)

🎫 Free!!!

🍟🍦🍧🍹 Oh Yes!!!

Behold brethren, let’s not miss this love packed event. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend 😉 we all need Love somehow.

IG: minelagos



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