Not Anymore!

​I don’t want this anymore!

I don’t want to see people struggling with habits and yet it seems all their scripture quoting is just coating a cloak over it. 

I don’t want to see members of the family of faith wallowing under sickness and they seem to pass it off with a smile bringing to mind with the cliche ‘suffering and smiling’

Should one who have been diligent with academics be under the threat of a sick pervert called ‘Mr lecturer’ asking for a feel of her flesh against his?

I don’t want this anymore.

It’s high time this generation wakes up to the reality of the power and authority that we have.

It is high time we realize that if you claim to be a Christian, it isn’t just a tag. 

Hey, it’s about passion, presence and power! All three been reflected in you.

It’s is high time we send addictions and habits running with their tail tucked in!

It is time we break the chain of sickness over people and communities.

It is time men realize that one CRAFTED AND HIDDEN IN CHRIST isn’t one to messed with.

It is time we wake up to this call of being the ‘Superman’ for this age!

Let’s do this together, and I, together shining light in darkness!

It is this light, CHIC Gist seeks to bring to our hearts.

Get ready for the awesome ride! Might get bumpy, but it will be an awesome one!



PS: CHIC means Crafted and Hidden In Christ.


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