Nigerian Gospel Blogger and Rap Artiste – Baptista The God Addict drops a Spoken Word video titled “I’m bothered” 

This is a must watch, I’m telling you it’s soul piercing. Whoah!!!

Baptista The God Addict is a young multitalented lady, passionate about God. She likes to call herself The God Addict.

This Nigerian Rap Artiste has found her taste in #SpokenWords and not just #RapMusic

I feel I can explain myself in depth through Words musically – Baptista

Watch and Download and Share




Phone: 09073000860

Instagram: @bappyz_vibe

Facebook: @bappyzvibe



  1. I’m bothered.. nice one Bappy, may the grace of God surround u like a prison boarder, and certify you a spiritual PhD degree, may he move you further, in life here nd eternal, may He (God) carry you on His shoulder and as a baby in the womb may He (God) keep you covered. God bless and increase you, #830am..

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