From the cradle of 830AM S.O.C releases “I AM”

Heyyyy!!!! S. O. C also a member of this cray movement 830AM has dropped another dope song titled “I am”

Mehhhn!!!! These guys ain’t playing at all, preaching the gospel with their unique talent given to them by God….giving back to Him and humanity.

In this piece he explains and declares who he is ….wow! He particularly says he’s a PRIEST and he is a CARRIER OF GLORY!

The book of Revelation 1:6 is more than a Fantasy
1Peter 2:9 talks more about my Genesis”

Lo I come in the volume of the Book written of Me & Glorious Things are spoken of I in the scriptures to the World

I AM is the truth behind the truth of every New Creation …..S.O.C

The style of the song is totally O. O. T. W …..Lol don’t ask me….download it and listen for yourself.

#830AM #SOC #Iam



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