From a mere wish to Reality! Enjoy Clara and Amaral’s Love Story & Pre-Wedding Pictures

This captivating love story reminds us that wishes do come true! Enjoy the story as they share with us!



Clara: It all started in 2014 when Amaral came newly to our church (Action Chapel International, Benin Republic) he became regular  in church, and as it seemed he loved music; so he joined the choir!!! Ha! And I was already in the choir! Double Ha!!! LOL


Well, one lovely day immediately after our usual Saturday Rehearsals, on my way home, I went down the stairs and I noticed him standing close to the church building. There were other choristers who also came down with me, we all walked towards his direction and we practically all walked to the bus stop.

On that spot, noticing him physically and all other qualities he possessed I thought to myself

“oh how I wish he would be my husband”

He is so selfless, God fearing, Down to earth, Fun to be with and above all he wants peace to reign in everything . Such a man to desire (Lost in thoughts) LOL

Ok, but on a serious note, I never knew the feeling was mutual (feeling beautiful). We started dating and this love grew stronger than I expected.



One day we went out for a dinner not knowing that he had everything planned out, it was just like one of our normal outings (or so I thought) never knew it would turn out to be one of the best days of my life….

Suddenly, he brought out a ring from his pocket and did what every man who’s ready to have a family does….


He heartily asked me “will you marry me” OMG I was dumbfounded, no words, I was surprised, I looked into his beaming, expectant eyes LOL and smiled (who would have known what was going on in my mind, alas my dream metamorphosed to reality) and I said “Yes, I will” (Mission Accomplished) ha ha

It’s interesting listening to how relationships bloom and grow into something that lasts for a life time. So I’ll end this love story with …..

…and they lived happily ever after…

Well that’s after the wedding which took place in Benin Republic, Action Chapel International, on the 16th April, 2017 (Sunday)


Our hearts and prayers go out to the Nelson Family, God’s grace in full to fuel this union!


Is your wedding coming up soon and would love us to publish for thousands of people following to see and celebrate with you?

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Photo Credit: ChicaMedia



  1. Am proud of you my 1 in a million sister Clara and of course, to my amazing in law Amaral. May God bless this union. Your wedding was a success so will your marriage be. I give it up for the latest couple in town.

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